Ministering Within Our Church

We want Northlake to be welcoming, friendly and a place where we enjoy spending time with each other. To create this, we spend some of our ministry energy working within our congregation, making sure we are growing together as a church. This is important because as we grow closer, we are better prepared to go and serve others.

Care Teams
Every person or family at Northlake is finds belonging in a Care Team according to zip code residence.  The Care Team Co-captains coordinate with their respective team families and help to mobilize our congregation when needs come up. So, whenever those closest to us receive happy or sad news, we can quickly be there to rejoice or mourn with them.  In addition, each Team enjoys greater connectedness with a periodic potluck luncheon.  These meals give due credit to southern cooks! 

Northlake Energizers
This is our group of very active and energetic Senior Adults at Northlake. They enjoy a monthly luncheon each second Sunday and get together other times for fellowship,  serve others and to grow in their shared commitment to being lifelong disciples of Christ.

Shut-In Visitation
Some of our members at Northlake are confined to their homes, unable to attend worship services, classes or any events on our campus. We reach out to these members once a month, visiting them in teams and bringing a small gift to express how much they mean to us. Often, they just enjoy having a conversation and knowing someone cares for them.

Women’s Ministry
The mission of “Sisters United at Northlake” is to provide opportunities for women to use their talents to encourage and serve others. SUN promotes enriched Bible Study opportunities for women on Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM, fun times of fellowship, and plans retreats to support spiritual renewal among the women of Northlake.

Men’s Ministry
This group encourages deeper relationships among the men of Northlake through a Spiritual Renewal Weekend and service within our congregation.

Ministering In Our Community
Northlake is committed to ministry in our community. What’s interesting about this focus is that those closest to us are usually from far away. Situated in one of the most diverse areas of the country, Northlake is surrounded by immigrants and refugees from many different countries in Asia and Africa. We take seriously Jesus’ command to love our neighbors, and we strive to reflect this call to discipleship in our ministries.

Clothing Closet 
On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Northlake opens its Clothing Closet located on the first level, which provides clothing assistance to around 40 of our neighbors each week.  If you would like to read more about this ministry, or find additional information on donating clothes or your time, please visit our Clothing Closet page.

FriendSpeak is an opportunity for English Language Learners to sit with an international Reader in a one-to-one setting in order to practice speaking English.  Bible readings are used as a guiding text, but the emphasis is not on teaching but rather building friendships while discussing a passage of scripture and life’s values.

If you would like to participate in this program, as either a Reader or an International hoping to improve your English, contact Julie Clinebell.
For more information on Friend Speak, visit

NETWorks Cooperative Ministry
NetWorks is a cooperative ministry among churches from different denominational backgrounds in the Northlake-Embry Hills-Tucker area. Committed to providing rent, utility, food, gas, and clothing assistance, NETWorks operates on the position that needs are better met when church, business and community resources are pooled together.

If you are in need of help from NETWorks, or would like to assist this ministry, you may contact Tucker First Baptist Church at (770) 939-6454 or call Northlake at (770) 414-8717.
Visit for more information.

Loss of loved ones is a part of life but never easy. Learning to work through grief so that hope and renewed joy become the new normal is the focus of the Grief Share ministry.

The 2016 fall cycle of Grief Recovery sessions, open to anyone, meets Sunday afternoons from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in the Northlake Educational Bldg.  The participants learn from videos with grief experts and share group work which helps provide comfort and healing. If you would like more information on GriefShare, visit the website at  If you would like to participate in the group, contact Northlake facilitator, Doris Clark.

Georgia AGAPE provides Christian foster and adoptive homes for children within Georgia. Northlake supports this ministry by helping with mailings, fundraising and supporting those who make the decision to be foster parents.

Bibles for Refugees
Northlake has a special opportunity to share Bibles with refugees in our community who request a copy. Many of our neighbors are not Christian, but they are interested in learning more about Jesus, and these texts provide an opportunity for them to read the story of Jesus in their own language.

Christian Towers 
This Senior Housing facility in Decatur provides affordable housing in a loving environment for senior citizens. Members of Northlake host and serve special meals at holiday times, visit residents, stock a food pantry and participate in worship services and holiday celebrations for these members of our community.

Ministering Outside of Our City
Northlake has a long history of caring for others outside of Atlanta. From the 1960s, this congregation has supported medical mission work in Central America and Africa. God’s Kingdom is global, and we seek to share God’s love while working to meet medical and physical needs.

Mission Predisan in Honduras:  30th Anniversary
Since 1986, Mission Predisan has provided health care, community development and spiritual leadership in Catacamas, Honduras. Northlake has sponsored several missionaries, and members of the congregation regularly visit and are blessed by the mutuality of partnership with Predisan.  For more information, visit

Supporting Missionaries with Love and Encouragement.
Northlake has committed to praying for and encouraging several missionary families stationed all over the world.  This ministry regularly sends cards and care packages to communicate how much we care for them and value the work they are pursuing. Contact the church office for more information.

TIME Trips/Activities
Teens In Mission Experiences or TIME is a great way for teens to serve others.  Trips and service projects are enjoyed during  summer months. Read how the Northlake Youth Group is making a difference.