Adult Classes and LIFE Groups

 Adult Spiritual Formation Groups


Summer Adult Classes will focus on Martin Luther, in anticipation of the 500th anniversary of his nailing the “95 Theses” on the Wittenburg Church door in 1517 and the impacts he made on the church that continue to resonate today.  “His writings on the authority of Scripture reformed Christian theology and reshaped the Christian family.  Pastor, teacher, reformer, Luther is a major historical figure and Christian thinker who continues to inspire and provoke us to examine the Scriptures for Christ centered living today.  

Adult Class #1:  meets in the Chapel.  Enriching and engaging themes are led by different presenters from the reformation teachings of Luther– exploring both their impact in the 16th century and their relevance for Christians today.

Adult Class #2:  meets downstairs in the “Living Room.”  This is a small discussion group reflecting on the book The Roformation: History in an Hour by Edward Gosselin, which examines “one of the greatest upheavals of the Western world…and concludes with an analysis of how the Reformation helped launch the modern age. 

SUMMER SUNDAY EVENINGS:  “Summer at the Lake” 6:00pm 

All-church activities, distinct and enjoyable fellowship gatherings, are planned for each Sunday evening.  Don’t miss out!  See the current listing at×11.pdf 

(LifeGroups renew in the fall.)

Northlake Campus and Homes

Practicing Community through LIFE Groups

Sundays, 6:00-7:00pm (September – May)  LIFE Groups are the core of growing discipleship and supportive church life.   Jesus calls us to Love, Involvement, Fellowship, and Evangelism.   ImageIn small groups we pray, study, fellowship together, care for one another, minister and share faith with others.   All Northlake atendees are strongly encouraged to connect and be a part of a small group this fall.  Sign up by contacting the church office or the ministry Coordinators:   Joyce Tomblin or Ike Reeser

Northlake Campus 

10:00 – 11:30 AM  Wednesday Mornings

Ladies Bible Study:  (dismissed for summer)  

7:00 – 8:00 PM   Wednesday Evenings 

The work week can be hectic, and that’s why we like to pause in the middle of it and spend an hour together in study, prayer, and worship. Wednesday night offers classes for adults, children and youth.

Book Club Discussion:  Tried by Fire:  The Story of Christianity’s First Thousand Years by William J. Bennett.  This book narrates “the rise and expansion of Christianity form an obscure regional sect to the established faith of the world’s grates empire with influence extending from India to Ireland, Scandinavia to Ethopia, and all points in between.”  Facilitator: Neal Stubblefield, Room 205.

Women’s Prayer & Bible Study Group:     Women of all ages center on prayer, mutual support, and application of the Scripture for the week.  Facilitator:  Susan Tippins, Room 203.

Men’s Prayer & Bible Study Group:   prayer and discussion center on the Scripture for the week and ask, “What is there in this text for us to obey?”  The Forum.