About Northlake

Northlake believes in the transforming power of God. We believe this because we have experienced it. Composed of rich and poor, young and old, black and white, and everything in between, Northlake’s diversity reflects our belief that we serve a God who loves all nations and desires the unity of all peoples.

We honor God through worship, seek to live like Jesus, and express God’s great love for us by serving others. We also wrestle with tough questions about our world and God, sometimes struggling with each other through the pain that accompanies life. We believe in the power of the gospel to change lives, but you won’t find a perfect group of people claiming to have all the right answers. You will find people who are going to genuinely care about you.

So whether you are a lifelong follower of Christ, or someone who harbors serious doubts about Christian faith, we invite you to explore our community. Let us show you how we have been changed by our loving God.


Every Sunday our church family gathers together to honor God in worship. We recall God’s story through singing, reading scripture, praying, hearing the Word of God preached, sharing communion and making financial gifts.

Our service lasts between 1-1 ½ hours and child care and a children’s worship is provided during this time. You will see people wearing everything from suits to jeans, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

We think participation makes worship real and authentic, so you will see and hear the entire congregation singing, praying and reciting scripture right along with the men and women who lead our service.

We also use this weekly gathering as a time to share communion or the Lord’s Supper, which is a special time to remember Jesus’ story. We invite anyone who is a believer in Jesus to participate. We also take this time to give our own financial gifts through public contributions. Unlike communion, this time is for our members, not our guests. We place no expectation on our guests to give!

Northlake Church of Christ is a congregation that highly values commitments to the authority of Scripture, the centrality of the gospel, and the pursuit of Christian unity. In our pursuit of Christian unity we affirm with other Christian traditions this historic expression of the Christian faith:

We believe in one God who communicates Himself in three distinct persons to humankind.

We believe in the Father who creates the heavens and the earth.

We believe in Jesus, God’s Son, who became flesh and lived on earth with humanity. We believe in his ministry, life, death, and resurrection to new life. We believe that all who place their trust in Him also participate in this new life—now and for all eternity. We believe that Jesus is coming again to judge all peoples.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who lives within and empowers the people of God.

We believe in the one, universal church which practices baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We believe the church is God’s expression of love to the world through proclamation, community building, and service.


Ike ReeserIke Reeser

How do you observe people finding God at Northlake?
Well, God seems to always be finding us! But if there is one uncommon ideal we emphasize at Northlake, I would point to our embrace of servanthood as the job description of each person in the Body of Christ. It’s not easy to live this out, we struggle with sin like everyone else. But we know the task of caring for the weak, oppressed, and lonely in our society is Christ’s work. And it seems as we follow Jesus’ way of life we keep finding the presence of Christ in our friends and neighbors … and in each other. Northlake’s love for God and neighbor inspires me to keep moving forward on my own journey of faith! 

Ike has been one of our ministers at Northlake since 1985 and now serves as our Preaching Minister. He and his wife Gwyn have three children: Paul who works in the refugee community in Clarkston, Isaac who is married (to Mackenzie) and attends Vanderbilt Divinity School and Allie who is a senior at Lipscomb University. Ike has degrees in Bible and Conflict management.

Doris ClarkDoris Clark

Why might Northlake be a place where a person could find hope?
Northlake is good at comforting and supporting people in their time of need.  I know this because the church has done this for me. This generous church family walks beside people as it ministers to them through Care Teams, GriefShare, FriendSpeak, NET Works, Mission PREDISAN and so many other ways. These ministries bring hope to others in Jesus’ name.  I believe we are learning that as we experience God’s grace we want to share God’s grace. God has forgiven me, and His compelling love helps me to forgive and love others. This faith brings peace and hope into my heart, and I believe God can do the same for you.

Doris returned to Northlake in 2007 after spending over 20 years leading Predisan, a medical mission in Eastern Honduras, that she founded with her late husband, Robert. She has two grown children, Robert and Kendra, and currently serves in Care Ministry at Northlake while continuing a supportive role with Predisan.

Paul ReeserPaul Reeser
Youth Minister

What do you find exciting and hopeful about Northlake?
Before I get to church, I am surrounded by a van of singing Karen children who have come as refugees from Burma. As we ride to church their excitement grows. At Northlake, people find life through the gospel of Jesus. In our family, we listen when a teenager speaks about seeing the image of God in friends and enemies. (How awesome is that!) I am convicted when I see the men and women who taught my Bible classes continuing to be transformed by Jesus’ teachings and devoting themselves to ministry to the poor, marginalized and wrongdoer. What is so exciting? We believe that Jesus is saving the world, and we are Christ to the world! The children on the van sing because they are part of God’s work of salvation. Thanks be to God for the witness of a “singing” church.

Paul is a life-long Northlake member and now serves as Youth Minister. He has a degree in Theology and Ministry from Lipscomb University. He lives in an intentional, Christian community in Clarkston, where he works toward “Kingdom come” with his friends and neighbors.

Crystal O'NealCrystal O’Neal
Children’s Minister

What do you find exciting and hopeful about Northlake?
Northlake is a body of believers who acknowledge that we are broken and God has delivered us. Our willingness to surrender to God’s deliverance fills us with excitement and hope! At Northlake we do not all look or act alike, but we find unity in putting our love of God and His people before ourselves. I see this in the way the children in our church family are valued as unique people to whom God has given special talents and abilities. I am so encouraged by serving alongside these people and feel very blessed to call Northlake my church home.

Crystal grew up attending Northlake and now serves as Children’s Minister to our babies through 6th graders. She is a certified teacher for Early Childhood through 6th grade and taught in public schools for 7 years. Crystal and her husband, Shane, have 2 young children- Penelope and Joe.

The Northlake Elders serve the congregation by providing oversight to the church’s life and ministry, offering pastoral care, and through their own varied ministries. Northlake Elders are selected by the congregation through an affirmation process every three years.  You may contact them by sending an email to elders@northlake.org or call the church office at (770) 414-8717.

Patrick Bradshaw
Patrick BradshawRalph McCluggageRalph McCluggage
Joe Robling
Joe RoblingStewart SmithStewart Smith
Jim NealJim NealBrent WisemanBrent Wiseman

The Northlake Church of Christ has its historical roots in the Stone Campbell Movement for Christian unity.  The congregation was founded as the Decatur Church of Christ in 1958 and was a church planting effort of the Druid Hills Church of Christ. The founding members believed church to be the family of God’s people, and they sought to create a congregation where people from different backgrounds were welcomed.

In 1995, the membership made a move to the community of Tucker, Georgia and changed the name to Northlake Church of Christ. Northlake’s campus sits in one of the most ethnically and economically diverse areas in the country, including young professionals, retirees, and families from almost every socioeconomic layer.

Within two miles of Northlake are some of the most important refugee centers in the country.  So at Northlake you might see faces from Liberia, Sudan, Nepal and Bhutan, and many of our current local ministries focus on helping these immigrants adapt to their new lives in our community.

With over fifty five years of history, the congregation has been involved in many notable ministries.  Early on, the church developed a focus in two service outreach areas: Providing subsidized, senior housing, resulting in the opening of  Christian Towers and Gwinnett Christian Towers, and medical mission work, which evolved into Mission Predisan in Catacamas, Honduras.    In addition, FriendSpeak for internationals, GriefShare, the Clothing Closet, and a collaborative NETWorks Community Ministry are impacting outreaches, as well as Peace Playground among the refugee youth and community.

The Northlake Church is excited and energized about the future. Many founding members  still worship and serve, and many new faces among us add passion to ministries in our community and around the world.

Our hope is that you will come and see how we are continuing our legacy of faithfully following God and sharing the Gospel story as we honor Him and are compelled by His grace to practice compassion to one another and to our neighbors.